The Challenge

Athletes grapple with issues that are as unique as their journeys and pressures in life. They need a support system that understands their world intimately, a kind of leader who can extend a helping hand rooted in Biblical truth.

Your role as a Sports Minister can shape the lives of athletes and impact their hearts for God!


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This 16-day devotional can help you learn to use your platform in sports to bring glory to God. 

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Impact the World through Sports Ministry

Elevate your discipleship through Sports Ministry and make a lasting impact in the lives of athletes, coaches, sports professionals, and front office personnel.

We train leaders in the Sports Arena

We disciple sports ministers to make disciples

We support Sports Ministers to build up their community

Sports Ministry Curriculum

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A Ministry Curriculum Focused on the Spiritual Needs of the Sports Community

The SMI Curriculum is a 40-hour on-demand online course that provides balanced teaching between the theological (proper thinking) and the practical (proper actions), and how it relates to sports and athletes. If you are a Christian athlete, coach, parent, or a sports ministry leader, you will learn how to effectively apply Christian principles to sports.

This course will help you become a sports minister who:

  • Can teach athletes the impact of sound theology to our thinking and actions, demonstrating to the athlete what the spiritual life is all about.
  • Can confidently share the love of Christ with athletes and develop disciple-makers out of athletes.
  • Can listen to athletes with empathy and counsel them with Biblical wisdom.
  • Can understand and teach the theology of competition to show athletes how Christ wants them to ethically play and compete.
  • Can show athletes how the mind of Christ applies to the unique challenges of athletes.
  • Can study the Scriptures and teach the Scriptures to athletes.
  • Lives daily with God's grace and extends grace to athletes.
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“This was the most amazing course that I have ever taken. This course has shown me so much about what sports minister do, what they are called to do and how God wants to use us in a way to not only glorify him in all things but disciple others who are seeking Him! I recommend this course to anyone who has a calling on their lives to minister to others. It's bigger than sports, it’s all about seeing those we minister to in Heaven one day!”

– Mark Blake

“We live truimphantly because Christ is in us! We should let it sink deep inside us. I saw a scene in the movie "Chariots of Fire" when Eric Liddell's sister rebukes him for putting his attention on competitive running instead of his duties before God. In response, Liddell says, “I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure". That scene just puts me to tears everytime.”

– Maricar Sahu

“I wholeheartedly endorse this course for anyone who's been called to minister to others, especially in the field of Sports. The curriculum has been truly exceptional, offering profound insights into the role and responsibilities of Sports Ministers and how they are called to serve and lead. How God intends to work through us, not only to bring glory to Him in every aspect but also to disciple those who are earnestly seeking Him. Anointed and awesome Instructors! This course is simply just amazing. Kudos to Pastor Randy, Dr. Mark, Pastor Jason, and Ms. Katherine. Praise God for the lives of our instructors!”

– Xyrill Levin Abella

Be a Member of the Sports Ministry Institute

The Sports Ministry Institute invites you to be a catalyst for change by becoming a minister who brings hope, healing, and faith to the world of sports. Together, we'll build a community where athletes find strength in their beliefs, coaches lead with unwavering principles, and the sports world transforms into a realm of compassion and empowerment.

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The Sports Ministry Core Curriculum

Members get a $100 discount for the Sports Ministry Curriculum which includes more than 40 hours of on-demand instruction in theology, discipleship, and sports ministry.

The SMI Community

Engage in a dedicated online community where you can directly connect with and learn from seasoned sports ministers. 

Conferences and Workshops

Connect with other sports ministers and learn from experienced leaders when you join Sports Ministry Institute conferences and workshops. 

The Grace Resource Vault

A collection of ready-to-use Bible study videos and workbooks that you can use for your personal learning or teaching a discipleship group.

All Grace On Demand courses

Over 200 hours of on-demand instruction to help equip you in the areas of discipleship, evangelism, ministry, theology, and more.

Continuing Education

You get access to all new courses and materials as they are developed by the Grace Center for Spiritual Development.

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Sports Ministry Curriculum


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  • 40 hours of on-demand learning
  • Accessible video lessons
  • Downloadable workbook
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  • Get a $100 discount for the Sports Ministry Curriculum
  • Engage with experts and fellow ministers in the SMI Community
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  • Access all courses on Grace On Demand
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The Director

Randy Youngling has served as a certified trainer for the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) for over a dozen years. PCA was launched 22 years ago out of the athletic department of Stanford University. Randy earned his Master of Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary with concentrations in Christian Education and Pastoral Counseling. He has served as a pastor in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado. Randy has extensive experience in coaching as he has coached multiple sports and, additionally, he has served as an Athletic Director at a Christian school in Texas. During his athletic stint, he became an All-State and All-American by his senior year and accepted a scholarship from Rice University to play Division 1 basketball.

Run to Win

Embrace God’s unique role for you as an athlete

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